Nike Chicago creatives reimagine the air max 97 to resonate with Gen Z women

Words by Julia Lebosse

Image courtesy of @kevinoh_

Through Nike School Chicago, a group of fellow creatives were tasked with reimaging a lifestyle air max silhouette of their choice that would truly resonate with women, specifically the young and fresh into adulthood, gen-z.

We had a brief conversation with Diana Almanza to learn more about the inspiration behind her and King Tucka's one-of-a-kind "Gardenia" Air max 97.

Image courtesy of @kevinoh_

So, out of all the Nike Air Max silhouettes, why did you choose the Air Max 97?

“The decision on which silhouette came easily-the 97 is the start of the Gen-Z generation and it is also a silhouette inspired by nature and the future.”

This pair is gorgeous! What was your inspiration behind the colour way?

“The colorway and materials for this shoe represent growth, nature, health, and a clear vision of the future. The base is a premium white leather, representing the white pedals of the flower. The upper tongue is "Lemon Drop" suede, the upper overlay is "Hasta" suede, the base mesh is also "Lemon Drop" recycled mesh, and the sole is "Sea Glass" regrind. The lemon drop and sea glass sole represent the ageing of the flower pedals, and eucalyptus green represents internal balance, as well as nature and air. Overall, I wanted the materials to be as eco-friendly as possible since myself and Gen-Z are very aware of the current state of our earth. Which is also why this shoe is a part of "Nike By You". It must be ordered and only then be produced, therefore creating less waste. "

Image courtesy of @kevinoh_

You named the shoe “Gardenia”, why did you pick that name?

“The name ”Gardenia" is a reference to the flower. The flower symbolises clarity and purity, just like air. The flower became the muse of this campaign because, like us, it must be in the right environment in order to grow and bloom.”

Both Diana and Tuck embodied the tagline through the space they designed for the Nike Chicago Store, which they hope encourages and celebrates your growth and your visions. A space where you can be you, your most authentic self.

Hit the link below if you want to grab yourself a pair!

Nike Air Max 97 Gardenia

Image courtesy of @diana_la